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West Valley Occupational Center Division of Adult and Career Education | Los Angeles Unified School District

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Sports Therapeutics


This course provides students with hands-on training and basic knowledge of certified athletic trainer (ATC), sports therapy/physical therapy aide, massage therapist, personal trainer and other health care professionals.  PREREQUISITES: Employment level competency in written and verbal communication in English.  Good health.  6.0 reading level (See test schedule in next column).  COST: $90 (Registration fee only) Approximate total cost for the program is $300 (registration, books, uniform and supplies).

76-45-55        T-W &   5:15 PM-9:00 PM       08/15/2022 - 1/18/2023
                      Th         5:15 PM-8:30 PM


  • Separate costs for books, exams, supplies, preparation, certifications and/or licenses provided by outside vendors may be incured.
  • Once a Certificate of Completion is earned in a course, that course cannot be repeated.