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West Valley Occupational Center Division of Adult and Career Education | Los Angeles Unified School District

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Policies and Procedures

Guiding Principles for the School Community
Behavioral Expectations of Students:
  • Respect the values, experience, and ability of others
  • Take full responsibility for your actions
  • Maintain a clean campus and classroom
  • Follow school and classroom rules
  • See cultural diversity as an opportunity for learning
  • Show empathy and compassion, and listen to each other
  • Treat others the way you want to be treated
  • Respect private and public property
Read and sign the WVOC Student Behavior Sheet for information about grounds for dismissal.
Student Pledge for Goal Achievement:
As a student of West Valley Occupational Center, I recognize that I am responsible for my own educational success. I will dedicate my time and energy to achieving my goals by:
  • Attending regularly, participating fully in class activities, and completing my assignments
  • Coming to school prepared to learn
  • Acting with honest and integrity to produce my best work
  • Learning from other students, and sharing what I have learned
  • Working collaboratively with classmates and instructors.
  • Drive safely and follow all traffic signs on campus
  • Remember, the campus speed limit is 8 mph
  • Avoid the use of skateboards, roller-skates, and bicycles on campus
  • Make safety the number one priority while you are on campus. Please report any suspicious behavior to the Administration Office
  • Keep minor children with an adult on campus at all times. (Don't leave children unattended in a car)
  • Children are not permitted in classrooms
  • Maintain a smoke-free and drug-free campus (including cars parked on campus) 
  • For information about service animals, see the Adults with Disability Program Staff
  • Be on campus for official reasons only
  • All visitors must report to the Main Office for assistance
  • Use only parking spaces or parking lots designated for students
Attendance Requirements: 
Students are expected to come to every class session, be on time, stay the entire time, participate, and engage fully in the lesson. Students may be dropped from class for the following reasons: 
  • Failing to attend the first class meeting at the time class is scheduled to begin
  • Being absent more than three consecutive class sessions without contacting the instructor
  • Making unsatisfactory progress in a course
  • Attending class irregularly
  • Continually arriving late to class or leaving early
  • Violating school policies
Dress Code:
Appropriate attire is recommended for students both for attending classes and for the profession for which they are training. Please note that certain programs have specific dress requirements that must be adhered to (i.e. Cosmetology, Construction, Culinary Arts and Health Care). The following are examples of inappropriate attire:  revealing clothing (e.g. bare midriffs), gang clothing (e.g. oversized pants), or clothing with inappropriate words or pictures. 
Where to Go with Concerns: 
LAUSD is committed to providing a safe and civil learning environment, free from discrimination, harassment, intimidation, and/or bullying. If you feel that any of your rights under the law are being violated, report it to an administrator. The Administration of WVOC firmly believes that each student has the right to visit a counselor or administrator to discuss his/her concerns. A Suggestion/Concern Form, available in the Main Office, serves as the primary system for documenting and resolving student, staff, or visitor concerns or suggestions. Each form is reviewed by the administration.